PERTH “The City of Light”

Perth, the capital city of the Australian state of Western Australia and it is the 4th most busiest city in the Australia with a population of about 2.1 million followed by Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Perth is called as “The Swan River Colony” by the Europeans . Majority of the people in Perth live along the scenic white sandy beaches Located on the south western region of the country, the city has Indian ocean has its border. Perth is the largest exporter of Iron ore, Gold, Diamond, minerals etc in the world makes an exceptional rich place.

Weather conditions

The city usually has more number of sunny days makes quite awkward for the people. It experiences a hot and dry climate during the months from December to February. The temperature range is between 27 and 30 deg Celsius. The rainy season prevails from June to August with a temperature range from 15-20 deg Celsius followed by spring days in September and October.

Tourist Attractions

Perth has some lovely tourist spots such as Perth Zoo, Perth Beaches, King’s park and Botanic garden.


Contrast to the cities in western countries like USA, UK & Canada, Perth has a superior public mode of transport. The Government of WA afford free bus services within the Central Business District of Perth.