Suburbs of Western Australia
Western Australia
  • Suburbs which are located in the state of Western Australia, Australia.

  • WESTERN AUSTRALIA "The Golden State of Australia"

    Western Australia is the Australian state located in the western region. The state is bounded by Indian ocean to the west, Northern territory to the north-east and South Australia state to the south-east. Western Australia covers the huge portion of land area of Australia about 25lakh and it is considered as the largest among other states. However, the state is sparsely populated about 2.6 million after NSW, Queensland and Victoria. Perth, the state capital holds the majority of the population about 75 percent. An influx of migrants from England, Germany and Italy constitutes the major population. Most of the residence is equipped with solar panels to draw power from it. The state may perhaps be considered Australia's final frontier.


    Western Australia is the foremost exporter of Petroleum and minerals and the economic profits from proximity to the Asian markets. Agriculture is the second major export industry. The trading partners include China, Japan and other Asian countries. Moreover, the state is a leading exporter of alumina, diamonds, iron ore, salt, nickel, and mineral sands and yields70 per cent of Australia’s gold. The shipbuilding industry in WA has built the civil craft which accounts for 60% of the country’s production. The state also contributed 10% of the world’s flimsy commuter boats.


    Every educational and research institutions in the state provide distinctive training and lifestyles to many students across overseas. Some of the educational institutions include Edith Cowan University, Aquinuc college in Perth, The University of Western Australia, Murdoch University etc. Coming to the school education, the Government of Western Australia (WA) provides brilliant tutoring.

    Weather conditions

    The state usually has more number of sunny days makes quite awkward for the people. It experiences a hot and dry climate during the months from December to February with the temperature range 27-30 deg Celsius. During the Autumn season, occasional showers appears in the months between March and May. The rainy season prevails from June to August with a temperature range from 15-20 deg Celsius followed by spring days in September and October.

    Tourist attractions in Western Australia

    King’s Park and Botanic Garden

    Located in the capital city, the place is reminiscent of heaven. The area encircled with many ponds, natural bushes, view points of the city, walking trails makes visitors to explore it. Also it is the best spot for romantic walk with glittering city lights around it.

    Esperance Bay and Cape Le Grand National

    Pristine beach, breath taking islands, variety of wildlife species, spectacular national parks afford more pleasure the nature lovers. Kangaroos are often spotted lounging at the bay. Surfing, fishing, and beach safaris are some of the widespread activities in the fresh-looking coast line.

    The Pinnacles

    The place covers thousands of limestone rocks in the yellow sands. The peculiar rocks range in height from few centimetres to 5 metres Adventure lovers can explore this place through a walking trail.