Suburbs of Victoria
  • VICTORIA "The Education State of Australia"

    Victoria is the Australian state located in the southeast of the country bordered by Tasmania Island state to the south, New South Wales state to the north and South Australia state to the west. The majority of the people is concentrated in the state capital Melbourne, the second largest city in terms of geographical area followed by Sydney.

    Climate Conditions

    Interestingly, this state changes its weather often in a single day. The state gets abundant rainfall from June to September with average temperatures range from 6.5 - 14.2°C followed by hot weather in the month between December and January with mean temperatures between 14 - 25.3°C. Moreover, there is warm and dry region in the northwest and snow areas to the north west of the capital city. The best time to visit this beautiful city is in the month between March and May.


    Victoria is the second largest state in terms of economy after New South Wales, accounting for 25% of the Australia's gross domestic product. The largest income producing sectors includes finance, insurance and property services sector, while the community, social and personal services sector holds the second position. However, the latter is the state's biggest employer. The manufacturing sector is the isolated industry, which has the single largest employer and income producer. The state is the major producer of meat and lamb, dairy products and dried vine fruits and large amounts are exported. Transport, utilities and communications, Construction, Government, Agriculture sectors accounts for the rest 25% of the Gross domestic Product.


    Among the world's top universities, there is no doubt that state capital, Melbourne is the best place in Australia where many students across the globe prefer to study. Most often this place is exceptional for pursuing a master's degree.

    Landmarks and Amazing tourist attractions

    Yarra river

    The river is located in the capital city. The water from this river is used as a food source by the original Australians. It is the centre of attraction for the city’s community and cultural festivals. In addition to this, the banks of the river catch many tourists for a picnic and it provides a separate path for joggers, runners etc.


    It's an exquisite place for many tourists which comprises a glacial lake, sovereign hills, superior roads for bike riding dividing of cars, large markets etc. This place is located in the north-west part of Melbourne and about 100 km of distance.

    City of Melbourne

    The city is sport obsessed with many games such as Formula One, Australian Open Tennis and the Boxing Day Test.
    Some of the prominent landmarks to be visited in this city are,
    • Melbourne Cricket Ground
    • Flinders street station
    • Eureka Tower

    Bay Of Islands

    This coastal park is ahead of the 12 Apostles on the Great Ocean Road has staggering ocean views and large number of deserted beaches.