Suburbs of Tasmania
  • Suburbs which are located in the state of Tasmania, Australia.

  • TASMANIA “The Island of Inspiration”

    Tasmania typically called as “Tassie”, an island state of Australia located 240 km towards the south of the country, separated by Bass Strait. The state covers the central island of Tasmania which is the world’s 26th largest island. Besides, the state is enclosed by 334 islands. The state is the home for 5 lakh people and it is recorded that 65% of the population residing here are of British descent. The state has the ageing population. It is the perfect destination for those seeking beauty and solitude. The state capital, Hobart takes about half of the population of state. Tasmania is the driest state in Australia followed by South Australia. Hobart, the capital city of Tasmania is the oldest city in Australia. Tasmania is the only state to set up the electric tram way system in Australia. About 60% of the region in the state encompasses natural parks, heritage sites, wildlife and marine reserves.Mining of minerals which include copper, zinc, lead, tin and iron has been increasing rapidly these years.

    Tourist attractions

    Richmond is the Australia’s oldest bridge having a small scenic small region besides it. It is also considered as the heritage sites .One takes few hours from Hobart to reach here . 2.Bruny Island:
    The Island with towering sea cliffs, penguins, beautiful birds makes one to spend the entire day there.
    3.Hazards Beach:
    This beach is the Australia’s38 best beach and it takes 2.5 hour drive from Hobart.
    4.Liffe falls:
    Liffe falls is the best waterfalls in Tasmania and it is considered as one of the world’s heritage sites. Beside the waterfall, a cool temperate rain forest exists.
    A small town located on the west coast of Tasmania, with the beautiful sunset and palm trees along the sea.

    Climate conditions


    During the months between December and January, the city experiences a temperature range from 11-20 deg Celsius. People who go for swimming find it scorching.

    Winter and Spring

    The city brings the southerly winds from Antartic ocean to feel the cold temperatures. The rainfall prevails from June to August with a temperature between 5 and 10 deg Celsius followed by Spring in the months between September and November.

    Economy and industries

    Economic growth in Industries like Mining, Agriculture, Forestry and Tourism have been increasing these years. Also, the state has a larger number of sea food exporting sectors. In other case, Manufacturing growth has declined over the years as many of the experienced workers moved to mainland Australia.