Prospect is one of the suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia located 5km north of it. The suburb shares its borders with Main North Road to the East; Carter Street, Audley Avenue and Avenue Road to the South and the Gawler railway line on the west.

Population, Postcode and Land area

The estimated population in Prospect as of 2011 census was 13,008 and the post code of this region is 5082. In addition, the land area of this region covers only 5 km2. Suburbs which are surrounded by Prospect are Regency Park, Dudley Park, Devon Park, Ovingham, Fitzroy, Kilburn Blair Athol, Enfield, Nailsworth and Medindie.

Climate conditions in Prospect

Since Prospect is located nearer to Adelaide, the climate conditions are more or less similar to it. The suburb experiences a mediterranean climate with warm and sunny weather throughout the year and predominantly the March is the warmest month. In addition to this, the suburb has more than 2500 sunshine hours. However, the suburb brings the rainfall in the winter months from October and November, and the skies are cloudier in winter than summer.

Tourist attractions in Prospect

Prospect has some lovely and renowned tourist spots such as Adelaide Zoo, National War Memorial, Victoria Square/Tarntanyangga, Port Adelaide Visitor Information Centre, Prospect Community Garden etc.