Mount Gambier

Mount Gambier is one of the Australian cities located 459km from Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia State. In addition to this, the city is located 435km from the Melbourne, the prominent city of Australia.

Population, Postcode and Land area

Mount Gambier is the state’s second most populous city followed by Adelaide. The estimated population in Mount Gambier as of 2015 census was 28,929 and the Postcodes of this region are 5,290 and 5,291. The land area of this region covers 195km2 which approximately equals 75 sq miles.

Climate conditions in Mount Gambier

Mount Gambier experiences a Mediterranean climate with warm summer and cool winters. The average rainfall recorded throughout the year is nearly 710mm, in which the months from June to August receive abundant rainfall. However, the average temperature remains more or less constant throughout the year and it is about 19 deg Celsius.


The city’s main industries encompass mining, agriculture and forestry persist to play a key role as well as the primary areas of business, which include tourism, retail, hospitality, professional services and education.

Tourist attractions in Mount Gambier

Mount Gambier has some lovely and scenic tourist spots such as Blue Lake, Mount Gambier, Piccaninnie Ponds Conservation Park, Ewens Ponds, Tantanoola Caves Conservation Park, Big Lobster etc.