Brisbane is the capital city in the Australian state of Queens Land since 1859 and it is the third busiest city in Australia encompasses a population of about 2.3 millions of people followed by Sydney and Melbourne.


The city is located in the southeastern region of Queens land and it is 750 km from the Sydney. It extends out in all directions along the flood plains of the Brisbane river valley This metropolis encompass 175 suburbs and covers a region of about 15,

Weather conditions

The Queens Land capital enjoys a favorable weather, identified by warm and dry climate all over the year and so this city is called as the sunshine capital of Australia.

In Summer

During the months between December and February, the city experiences an average temperature of about 28 degrees Celsius. Also, these months enjoys a wet climate.

In winter

Typically, winters are quite warm and dry. The temperature hovers around at an average 14 degrees Celsius from June to August.


Brisbaneā€™s faster network of electric trains provides access to the city and outer suburbs. The bus services operate well and good throughout the city, connecting major terminals, railway stations. However, there are many taxi services which provide a quick commute to the people.