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The Indian Premier League (IPL), formally Vivo Indian Premier League for support reasons, could be a skilled Twenty20 cricket league in Asian nation contested throughout Gregorian calendar month and will of each year by groups representing Indian cities and a few states. The league was supported by the Board of management for Cricket in Asian nation (BCCI) in 2007, and is thought to be the product of Lalit Modi, the founder and former commissioner of the league. IPL has associate degree exclusive window in independent agency Future Tours Programme. readmore



Archery is a sport directing a target through a sharp eyesight like eagle, dynamic strength, greater concentrations and techniques. With the help of stringed bow, the archer has to propel the arrows from 70 metres towards an in animated target. The points are awarded to the archer by the accurateness. readmore



Athletics often called as track and field sports, is a congregation of events encompassing running, throwing, jumping and walking. During the early 8th century, the Greeks hosted a one-day athletic meeting with a single competitive event named Running race. Slowly, they added the other sports and somehow the few others were banned at that time. readmore



Badminton is an entertaining game played with racquets and shuttlecock for keeping the body fit. In this game, the player has to strike the shuttlecock using racquet across the net. There are many styles of playing this sport namely singles, doubles, triples, quadruples etc. However, the common styles preferred in Olympics are singles and doubles. readmore


Basket ball

Basket ball is a sport played by two teams of 5 players each. The objective of the sport is to score maximum points by throwing the ball into a hoop elevated 10feet from the ground. The hoop will be at each end of the playing court. It is one of the most popular sports across the globe. The game is played in both outdoor and indoor stadiums. readmore

Beach volley ball

Beach volley ball

Beach volley ball is an amusing sport mostly played in outdoors by two teams of two players with the bare feet on the sand court separated by a net.The ball has to be placed in the opponent court with a long serve by a player behind the court’s outer line. The team is permitted upto three touches before striking the ball over the net to the challenger. readmore