Suburbs of ACT
Australian Capital Territory
  • Suburbs which are located in the state of Australian Capital Territory, Australia.

  • Australian Capital Territory

    The Australian Capital Territory is abbreviated as ACT, is the federal district located south-east of Australia. Canberra is the well-known city in this district, and it is the capital city of Australia. ACT is said to be the Australian Capital Territory and the motto is “For the Queen, the Law and the People”. Moreover, the government of ACT has been concentrating on economic activities around Canberra.

    Population and the Total area

    The estimated population in ACT as of 2016 was 395,200 and the area of this land covers 2,358km2, including the area of both land and water.

    Climate conditions in Australian Capital Territory

    The district has four distinct seasons, and the district is well-known for warm and hot summers, cold winters with occasional fog and frequent frosts. The average recorded rainfall throughout the year is 625mm, in which the highest precipitation occurs in spring and summer.


    Majority of the educational institutions located in the Australian Capital Territory, including the private high schools, public and non-governmental schools. In addition, there are two tertiary institutions namely Australian National University (ANU) and the University of Canberra (UC). Interestingly, the Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE) offers courses in computer game development and 3D animation.